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Our history

    JSC "Uzagrosugurta" was established on February 25, 1997 by Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan №1713. In fact, the history of the company goes back a century ago.

        It is known that on October 6, 1921, a single state monopoly in the field of insurance was established. The Main Directorate of State Insurance (Gosstrakh) was the only body providing insurance services in the former Soviet Union. During the years of independence, Uzagrosugurta JSC has become the successor of this large organization and is currently the leader among professional participants in the insurance market of Uzbekistan. 
  In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to accelerate the reform of state enterprises and the privatization of state property”, the company is undergoing a transformation process.
    As part of the transformation, the Company rebranded, and from June 22, 2021, the company has been operating under the Uzinsurance brand of goods and services.
    It should be noted that the main emphasis in reforming the company is on the principle "Each client is important, his interests are above all." Ensuring openness and transparency in consumer protection has been identified as a key criterion for the provision of services.
    Today the company provides quality insurance services not only in large cities, but also in the most remote areas of the country. A total of 187 insurance centers and 179 agent points throughout the country provide convenient and fast customer service. 

    The authorized capital of the company is about 109 billion soums.
  JSC "Uzagrosugurta" provides more than 100 types of insurance services to legal entities and individuals in all 17 classes of general insurance.

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