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Our mission

Currently, the company has an insurance infrastructure operating in all regions of the country and has a high share in the insurance market of Uzbekistan.

In particular, it is the leader in terms of the number of contracts concluded, insurance premiums granted and insurance indemnities received.

The company is constantly studying the needs of customers and pays great attention to the simplicity and convenience of the types of insurance offered. As a result of the timely and complete fulfillment of obligations to customers, trust in the society is strengthened, and the number of its customers is growing from year to year.

Our company pays great attention to the continuous training of its employees in order to provide quality customer service.

While maintaining long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with clients, special attention is paid to the efficiency and reliability of insurance transactions, compliance with business ethics.

Emphasis will also be placed on the use of new information technologies in the provision of comprehensive and high-quality services, an increase in the number of insurance products that are suitable and attractive to customers.

Promoting the development of quality insurance services in rural areas of Uzbekistan, especially in the agro-industrial complex, along with protecting the property interests of the public and private sectors, and developing a high level of insurance culture among the population. is one of our priorities.

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